Fluffy And Bos'Ko Invade DisneyWorld

January 2008

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K'azil and K'orvette escort our Targs while on a trip to Earth



Nice view!


"That bird looks like good eating...maybe a bit tough"

"Funny-looking 'Bird of Prey'!"


Dining at the "Sci-Fi Cafe" at Hollywood Studios


K'azil the Targ Wrangler with the boys

"Does K'Harley make these?"

(On the speederbike outside the "Star Tours" ride)


"It's Bloodwine time!"

"Every time is Bloodwine time!"


"Please deposit two strips of latinum for the first three minutes"


"He's got the whole Empire...in his hands"


"Don't you find this inspiring?"

"Uh...yeah.  Where's the bathroom?"



Major Tequila buzz



"Think it will fit in the shuttle bay?"



"Kinda reminds me of the Great Hall"



"I understand it's called a 'Foo" Dog"

"Foo-ey on that...I can take him!"



"Just think...we could invent 'bloodbeer'!"



"The Gagh wasn't even alive!"

"That's because it was Spaghetti Fluffy"



Vote Fluffy/BosKo for Emperor 2008!

(United States)


Domo Arigato Chancellor Martok-o!



"How many bellydancers can we fit in the cargo bay?"

"Not enough"



"Too much whine"

"Not enough blood"



"So let me get this straight...hockey is guys carrying sticks with blades on their feet getting in fights?"


"There's hope for humans yet!"



"Holy Deja Vu!"


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