Fluffy And Bos'Ko Invade The UK

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K'azil and K'orvette escort our Targs while on a trip to Earth



It was a long journey...8 1/2 hours by aircar wipes you out!


Federation Security Officer for House Of Parliament...Targ Wrangler K'azil


Is this a subspace communicator?


Big Targ...with Big Disruptor!



Assisting With "Royal Horse Guard" Duty


Fluffy and Bos'Ko...They Only Have "London Eye" For You



Some "Beefeater"...Nothing To Eat At The Tower Of London

(He actually is a fan of Star Trek and Klingons!)


More Guard Duty At Tower Of London


Victory...Always the Klingon Way!


Very Roomy Quarters!


Where's the Food?


I Guess Spinal Tap WAS Right About Its Size


"Tor"orizing Glastonbury Tor


Bos'Ko and Fluffy Take Over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry...um...Urquhart Castle


Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!


"Do You Want Anything From The Trolley?"

"Do They Have Gagh?"


K'orvette the Targ Wrangler And The Jacobite Steam Train


About To Storm Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle - Photon Torpedo Tube Loaded And Ready To Fire!


Ready For Reload!