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K'orvette as a junior officer during his tenure as Legion Operations Officer


The banner of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Hand of Kahless

On the side is a vessel commendation ribbon for our success in "OPERATION:  TARG"


Executive Officer K'azil


K'azil and K'orvette together


K'orvette and K'azil in human disguises


K'elwood of the House "Blues"


"Give me your chocolate and no one gets hurt...much"


K'tay scares off the humans


K'orvette and K'azil


K'orvette addresses a gathering of the fleet and allies at a convention


K'Lynn, K'orvette and K'Tay


A Rite of Induction ceremony for new members


A selection of the K'orvette's personal arms and possessions


K'Tay's cloaking device-proof uniform, also known as "The Neon Klingon"


"Old School" Klingon


Admiral K'Lynn zantai Hurric, now in The Black Fleet, apparently having a "Vulcan Moment"


Lt. Ka'os tai Reshtarc, now in The Black Fleet, ready for battle


Wedding Reception Entrance of Liza and Paul - K'azil and K'orvette - Oct. 12, 2002


Some dolls made by Ka'Paan


Ka'Paan keeping some strange company


Ka'Paan greeting a convention attendee


Ka'Paan with some friends


Karsel and DarTork make the news


At the studio of the Fort Myers News Press, doing pictures for an article on the Odyssey 1999 convention


Halloween 2007 in Downtown Naples, Florida...XO K'azil in disguise as Professor McGonagall from "Harry Potter"

Picture provided by NAPLES SUN TIMES