Klingon Summer Games 2007 Gallery

Gainesville, Florida

Due to the small representation of IKV Hand of Kahless, Lt. K'azil and Captain K'orvette joined forces with members of "The Empire" and "Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces" to form



Commanding Officer - K'orvette Reshtarc

Executive Officer - K'azil

Communications Officer - Ha'Shel Reshtarc

Science/Medical Officer - Arizhel Reshtarc

Security Officer - Vekma K'Pel

Engineering Officer - K'Taj K'Pel



Pre-game pictures around the hotel


Post-Mission pictures of the "Access Tunnel" for an Engineering test


Post-Mission pictures of the Transporter Room for an Engineering and Communications test


Post-Mission picture of the Brig for a Communications test


Post-Mission pictures of the Bajoran Temple for a team test


"Baby Jem'Hadar" - John and Joanne's pet Iguana "Dain Bramage"


Fleet Operations - IKV Widowmaker wins this event


A few pre-dinner pictures


The attendees gather for dinner


Scenes from dinner


The coveted "Elite Unit Citation" for KSG 2007 goes to...'TEAM HAND OF KAHLESS!!!"


Group pictures of "The Empire" members present


Two pictures of present KLAW leadership...the Legion Commander with candidates for Vice-Legion and Operations offices later in the year