Klingon Summer Games 2006 Gallery

Gainesville, Florida

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Due to the small representation of IKV Hand of Kahless, Lt. K'azil and Captain K'orvette joined forces with the IKS Blood Song and operated as a joint venture for these exercises


Some images from the Klingon Summer Games


Kurdaj and Kurgan at the throne during the games


Kor...then and now


K'azil with the Hand of Kahles banner


Some artwork in the games arena


The morning strategy planning session for the Blood Song/Hand of Kahless team


A moment of rest for the Klingon Summer Games hosts


Lunch break!


At work on a Klingon Flux Capacitor...be afraid!


Fleet Battles


K'azil ready for dinner


The Last Supper?  Cover art for "The KaVinci Codes"?


Newly promoted Lord Admiral Kurdaj zantai Juriss "feeling the love"


A more friendly portrait of some of KLAW's leadership


A portrait of the Blood Song/Hand of Kahless team


K'orvette and K'azil at the throne with the Hand of Kahless banner